Challenge course high elements are challenges experienced by individuals, partners, and groups at a height of up to forty feet above ground level. All high elements require a safety "belay" system. The elements produce powerful memories and provoke deep thoughts and emotions, while challenging physical abilities. Most activities teach balance, coordination, and concentration along with a great sense of confidence, positive view of self, and leaping beyond the barriers of perceived limits. The degree of difficulty (mental, physical, and emotional) found within the element is dependent upon the level at which each person challenges themselves. These activities can parallel actual life experiences in such a way that can teach individuals to face new challenges with a deeper understanding of how to cope and triumph over a diversity or difficulty.


cat walk two line bridge ropes course This is a great activity for balance and self confidence.  Participant walk along the suspended beam to the other side.  This event shows how fear affects our perception.  Participants who easily cross a log at ground level suddenly are hesitant and nervous, or even paralyzed when the log is 30' higher.  Excellent as a team activity too. two person cat walk challenge course
aka: Balance Beam, Sky Log,

Incline log ropes course element
This is a great activity for balance and self confidence.  Participant walk along the angled beam to the other side.   

Swinging Bridge Adventure
One of the more challenging elements, the swinging bridge is just that. The participant must step out onto a wobbly, unsteady bridge and cross without any hand lines for assistance. Participants will be encouraged to be aware of not only physical, but inner balance, focus, and determination.
swing bridge with wide foot boards

Burma Bridge High ropes element
The Burma Bridge provides hand lines and a foot cable to help you cross. With plenty of stability and support, fear and self motivation are the chief obstacles to overcome.  This element provides a variety of options to increase the challenge level for one or two participants. Safety netting can be used to provide safe access for non harnessed guests, children's events and public structures.

Burma Buckets Challenge Course element
  Similar to Burma Bridge but with just loops of rope for the feet making balance and walking more difficult and challenging. definitely a more advance version of the bridge. A clever builder can design a removable foot cable to give you the option of either a burma bridge or burma buckets for ropes course program.

pipe line ropes course element
pipe line ropes course element This high challenge course element is a series of pipes fastened to an upper cable and the foot cable at varying widths apart. The participant will sometimes actually have to let go of the pipe behind them to reach the pipe in front of them. It is a great metaphor for reaching towards the future and facing the fears of letting go, tapping into your inner courage.
  aka: Pipe Line, Pvc Walk,

giant ladder challenge element
A great team relationship event. Done in pairs or groups of three the giant's ladder is a powerful tool. Imagine a ladder eight feet wide with logs for rungs. Each step gets progressively bigger, from three to six feet apart. Participants find out quickly how important it is to help each other and that their success depends on the success of their teammate(s).
  aka: Dangle Duo, Jacobs Ladder, Corporate Ladder, Ladder to the Sky,

the stretch ropes course
One of three easily interchangeable elements: This unique element challenges participants to use only the hanging ropes for support and cross the foot cable. They must meet and switch places in the center. The switch requires trading of support ropes.  A classic counterpart to the CrissCross  

Heeby Jeeby ropes course element The Heeby Jeeby looks hard and is hard. one or two participants use the hand lines to cross the foot cable or bottom ropes, depending on how hard you want to make it. Physics and balance really come into play as you approach the center and find not much to hold onto. high ropes heeby jeeby
  aka: Hourglass, Hi X,  

postmans walk - two line bridge ropes course two line bridge On this high ropes element, participants will need to cross a single foot cable with the use of a hand cable. While the concept is simple, the slack in the hand line provides quite a larger challenge. Participants will discover that there are a few ways of using the hand line to their benefit, having to make adjustments in technique as they move along.
    aka: Two Line Bridge,

high ropes element Criss Cross One of three easily interchangeable elements: Participants work in pairs from opposite sides using only the rope between them for balance and support. Only a sincere commitment to cooperation will allow them to succeed. This challenging element requires planning, strategy and mutual support for success. Once in the center, they must pass and change tactics in order to finish.  
  aka: Pull back, Pulley, Crossover  

trapeze leap, leap of faith, power pole, leap
pamper pole, power pole, leap of faith
trapeze leap of faith
The participant is dressed in a parachute harness and hooked to safety lines called 'belays'. They then climb a pole. At the top they climb onto a round platform, 1 foot in diameter. If the person is able to stand on the platform, they turn to face a trapeze, which is adjusted just seemingly out of reach. They then jump for the trapeze and if successful at catching the bar, let go and are immediately caught by their safety lines and lowered to the ground.
aka: Leap of Faith, Power Pole, Pamper Pole, Trapeze Leap, Confidence Pole,

vine walk, multivine traverse Using Only the ‘vines’ hanging down, participant must cross on the foot cable to the other side.  Vines have varying lengths and spacing making each step a challenging adventure.  Great as a partnership activity or a individual challenge. vine walk two person
  aka: Multi-vine Traverse, Grapevine, Tarzan Walk

Giant Swing ropes course element The participant climbs to a platform or they are attached to a cable that is pulled up by their team to the height of their choice. When ready, they jump or the release cord is pulled and the guest swings. This element is a lot of fun and gets the whole group involved in the climbers experience. doubel giant swing self release style
  aka: Screamer, Pendulum Swing  

HANG 10    
Hang 10 ropes course   Participants work in pairs from the same side. The hand line can only be reached through a seemingly impossible stretch of trust. Using each other for balance and support, they work across the cable together. At each stage, dynamic factors require renewed planning, communication, and strategy. The difficulty of this element can be easily adjusted for each team.

flying squirrell ropes course FLYING SQUIRRELL  
The participant is hoisted in the air up to 50' by fellow peers. This element requires the team working together and total trust.from the climber. Is a great way to get participants up to a zip line or adventure element. It can also be used to help increase your courses' accessibility for clients with various abilities.  

HIGH Y    
Hi Y ropes element  

The High Y involves two participants climbing independently up to a high wire and traversing to meet at a central point. The participants then have to use combined tactics to reach the finish point, there are ropes to help the pair balance but they are too far apart for one person to move on their own! Various styles of counterbalancing each others weight or using each other for support can work when moving toward the finish rope. High levels of trust and communication are needed between climbers and those holding the safety lines to ensure success, An unusual belay style is used called the 'M' style or 'Pecos' style, allowing for safer participant belay.


  An excellent high element for all ages and abilities. The Cargo Net is challenging but has so many options for climbing. Unlike a Rock Wall, you always have a hand hold and a foot hold which makes it simpler, but no less of a challenge.

HIGH V    
Hi V challenge  

Cables are installed between 3 trees in a narrow "V" up to 40' above the ground. The objective is for two people, each on a separate cable, starting at the narrow end of the "V", to stand facing each other. They must support each other as they walk towards the wide end of the "V" without falling. An alternate method for this element is to have people cross each of the three cables using ropes attached to the trees. This element proves to be the most entertaining of all. The High Wild Woozy presents an excellent visual dichotomy between perceived risk and ultimate safety

    aka: Wild Woozy, Hi Trust Walk, Friendship Bridge

ASCENTS   vertical challenge for the very young
Camp1 Adventure tower - vertical adventure challenges

Various rope ladders, cargo nets, centipede, tire ascent, firecracker ladders, rope climbs, vertical playgrounds, flexible climbing walls, and a varying difficulty pole climbs can all be set up as vertical challenges. Vertical challenge are great for automatic belay units, beginner belayers and participant belays; if properly managed. Elements are usually interchangeable and can switch out week to week to keep it fresh and exciting for repeat clients.

vertical ascent elements
Vertical playground elements

bosun Chair high ropes course element    
  aka: Bosons Chairs, Bossuns, Swings, Earthquake Bridge

Tyrollian traverse high ropes course element    
  aka: Kitten Crawl, Commando Crawl, One Line Bridge,

ZIP LINE   zip lines canopy tours in hawaii
Zip Line A zip line can be one of the most exciting elements of a ropes course. Screaming through the trees or over the ground at up to 45 mile per hour is exhilarating and builds self-esteem and confidence.  The participant climbs to a platform. After being hooked into the zip line safety system, they jump off! Once they catch their breath, they find the earth hurling by them. 
  aka: Flying Fox, Canopy Tour

Charlie Chaplin ropes course  
aka: Tired Two Line

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